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  • The prices shown below are the base prices for NON-COMMERCIAL purpose.

  • Live2D Model is an exception, with commercial usage already included by default in the base price.

  • Commercial commissions are calculated as follows: 
    type A: x1,5 multiplier (Game asset, Promo art, Twitch usage, Youtube usage, VTubing, Banners etc.)
    type B: x2 multiplier (Merch, prints, artbooks etc.)

  • All prices are in EURO. Please calculate the cost in your respective currency on your own before requesting.

  • mecha, huge muscular men, old people, hentai, yaoi, solo backgrounds

  • weapons, armors, cleavage, shoujo-ai, fanart

types of commissions










Character illustration with a very basic background + transparent version
High level of outfit complexity and detail will increase the price

full illustration

A character with more complex lighting and composition + a simple or detailed background which expresses the character being in some kind of place/space. For this type, some parts of the body may get cut for the sake of image composition.
High level of outfit/background complexity and detail will increase the price






Price includes 2 views (front and back) and extra props/expressions. Can add short descriptions if you wish. Additional views will require additional charge.

Your reference means you must have at least one reference in a form of an existing illustration of the character. Minor changes can be made but the character stays mostly the same.
Outfit Design means that we leave the character base the same as on an already existing reference picture, and we only make a new outfit/hairdo for that character.

Character Design means that the character will be designed either fully from scratch or almost completely re-designed based on an already existing character.

High level of outfit complexity and detail will increase the price. VTuber-related sheets are commercial usage.


vtuber model


Full-Body Live2D Vtuber artwork, price includes 3 expressions. PSD file with all elements 

well-separated and ready for your rigger to work with. You will receive a full PNG file of your model as well. The final price will depend on the amount of additional elements, expressions and the level of detail in the character design.

When inquiring, please mention your streaming activities, introduce yourself and your character (if you have any).

Additional expressions: €50+ each

Additional elements: price varies

(wings, weapons, different arm positions, props, mascot, stickers)

If you do not have a character reference ready, it is possible to commission character/outfit design paired with the Live2D model.

High level of outfit complexity and detail will increase the price

additional SERVICES

Illustration Cutting for animation: €600


by commissioning me you agree to the terms OF service